Friday, 27 February 2009

Rainism RECOLLECTION out 5th March 2009

J. Tune Entertainment is out to earn some extra cash during this economic downturn. Rain along with J. Tune Entertainment will be releasing a repackaged "Rainism" and calling it "Rainism RECOLLECTION".

Unlike Fly to the Sky's RECOLLECTION album where R&B duo Hwanhee and Brian do cover versions of their favourite hits, Rain's Rainism Recollection album will consist of newly added items to his 5th album Rainism.
The album will consists of 2 CDs with a total of 22 tracks and 1 DVD with a 35 minute movie (full version) of Love Story. The 2 CDs will have the original 12 songs plus new versions of the songs and also the Asian version of Rainism and Love Story in English, Japanese and Mandarin. There will also be new versions of 12th September, My Woman and Fresh Woman. There will only be 30,000 copies of Rainism Recollection out for sale. many versions of the Rainism album will you be getting? There's 1) the Original Korean version 2) The Asian version and NOW! 3) The Rainism Recollection version. Phew...One is enough for me but i know die-hard fans will want every single release. Rain really knows how to cash in on his fans.

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Anonymous said...

I wouldn't buy an album full of remixes! No thank you.

Anonymous said...

Rain is sucker-fying all his freinds. ha ha ha

아이스Aiseu said...

i wanted to buy it...but i'm also thinking about my financial affordable...still a student after all...

wawa said...

gosh... korean management really knows how to make money out of their fan!!!

Daphne. said...

Even though I have the Rainism album already, I don't mind getting the recollection one again. Lol.

audrey said...

this isnt as much as SM and Avex...with their so many versions of an album!!!!
*cough TVXQ cough*

but then's good marketing!!!

what can we

Anonymous said...

This is the 4th version of Rainism. There are two Asian versions - the Japanese and non-Japanese (for the rest of Asia). I have all and have ordered this Recollection one too.

This is an easy way to make money. Rain is just doing what other artistes have done. Now, if only he would new photos ie. never seen before, for his merchandise. And get a better designer for goodness sake! His merchandise is the crummiest taking into account his status as "world star".

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Anonymous said...

Making money???
yea...then he should definitely learn more from SM.
Look at Super Junior and DBSK with bunch of ABCDE..versions and fans still buying it!!

happiday~~ said...

wooo..hoooo..~~ I juz ordered mine last night!!! caann''t...waiit....>o<
The price is actually very decent for an album with tat much songs, a movie, anddd.....PHotoBookk!!!! *o*

Anonymous said...

The sound quality and picture quality is AWESOMENEzzzz


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