Thursday, 26 March 2009

Kim Hyun-joong kicks off Seoul Fashion Week

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Seoul Fashion Week 2009 Spring (F/W 09/10) officially kicks off on the 26 March at Gangnam-gu, Seoul Trade Exhibition and Convention Center (SETEC). The first designer to showcase his collection is Han Sang-hyeok. His men's wear collection was inspired by Sherlock Holms and current Boys Before Flowers star Kim Hyun-joong was the celebrity model who appeared at the end of the show.

Check out Hyun-joong on the runway in high-waisted pants and surprisingly wearing less make-up than usual. ;-)

Seoul Fashion Week 2009 Spring will end on April 2.

Pics credit: Newsen, JKnews, SSTV


Anonymous said...

HJ's dark eye circles are getting darker~~ And deeper! This man better get some much needed rest when the filming for BOF ends~

I like his preppy style, but not the high-waisted pants.. But then, how is it possible that he can look good even in those kind of pants???
*sighs, good-looking people are still good-looking regardless of what they wear, don't they~? :D

Wawa said...

oh, he really looks tired!!! he better get a rest once the filming ends...

just like anonymous said, a good looking people will still look good no matter what they wear :)

Me said...

He looks so tired and skinnyin the picz. Hope he can get enough rest after the show.

Muffin said...

The zipper in those pants are almost as long as the tie!

yin said...

high waisted pants on men .. are weird . HAHA .

ohgoshh . hyunjoongie looks REAAAAALLY tired .
and isit the clothes or is
hyunjoong really sooooo thin already ?
Hwang buin will be angry at the person not taking care of him. 3:


피 지 fizzy said...

guess we all have mutual feelings.
high wasted pants is super weird!!
and what's with the tie inside the pants?
i know it's fashion, but at one point i thot jihu sunbae forgot to fix that due to his tiredness..

아 자, 아 자!!
지 후, 파 이 팅!!

jicks said...

he looks like he's about to doze off on the runway!

high-waisted pants or not, i love how he manages to make everything he wears 10 times more expensive than what it really is.

totally huggable XD

Orchid899 said...

Omg, those pants look like something my great grandfather used to wear! They're horrible! And I liked his hair when it was non-red. He's got a real cute face though. He was cute and kid -like in We Got Married, but he really needed to man up.


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