Thursday, 26 March 2009

Lee Dong-gun and Cha Ye-ryeon an item!

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Lee Dong-gun and Cha Ye-ryeon wearing their newly purchased Nikes.
couple shoes. How sweet!

It was rumoured that Lee Dong-gun (When Night Comes) is dating actress Cha Ye-ryeon (Bad Love). Well, they have been spotted shopping and enjoying the day together. It looks like they are officially a couple.

A Korean sports media captured these photos of the couple at Apgujeong, Seoul. They were seen at a Nike shop, buying sneakers.

It looks like love is in the air for Lee Dong-gun again. He used to date actress / model Han Ji-hye.

Since we know that Lee Dong-gun wants to get married ASAP, do you think he will pop Cha the question soon?

Going in with the old, coming out with new shoes!

Lee Dong-gun and girlfriend Cha Ye-ryeon shopping
for shoes at a Nike store in Apgujeong

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Source and pics credit: Sports Seoul


z said...

Sweet. :P

Anonymous said...

sweet.. but i still hope it was jihye.. i love them as an item. so sad..

Liz said...

Wah love is in the air for Lee Dong-gun :-)

daisyjane said...

I hope things turns out well for Lee and Cha. He's been so lonely since his brother's sudden death.

fraulein said...

I've never fully understood the appeal of Lee Dong-gun and I don't find him as dashing as many say he is. Call me weird but from some angles, Cha Tae-hyun looks better than him... Maybe his big bulging eyes scare me.

To me, he always gets the second fiddle roles - in Let's go to school Sangdoo, his screen charisma faded against Rain's then-wholesomeness and in Lovers in Paris, he just couldnt stack up against the suave Park Shin-yang. Sigh.

He was cool in the " Last Farewell " music video though

I can understand why fans were upset when he split with Han Ji-hye but hey it's showbiz and these things happen.

Cha Re-ryeon is fresh faced and pretty even tho she was a meanie in Bad Love.

Insiders say he is quite the player, so enjoy it while it lasts, i guess...


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