Thursday, 12 March 2009

Sohee a vampire in 8eight's Empty Hearts

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Sohee featured in 8eight's Empty Hearts MV

Wonder Girls cutie pie Ahn So-hee is featured in 8eight's "Empty Hearts" or "Without a heart" (심장이없어) music video. This is So-hee's first MV appearance other than one of her own Wonder Girls MV of course. The song is in 8eight’s third album, “The Goldenage”.

In the Empty Hearts MV, Sohee plays a vampire girl who falls in love with a human boy. Both madly in love, the boy tries to save her by going out to buy some "medicine" (hmmm...i wonder what kind of medicine could turn a vampire back into a human being). But due to an accident, the boy perishes...leaving little vampire So-hee vanish in the sun.

Sohee plays the piano at night and she can't stand the sun

Vampire Sohee and her human boyfriend

By the way, JYP loves this song and it was his idea for So-hee to participate in the MV.

Okay, enough with the stories...check out the MV now!


Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

Wow. She can be my vampire any day she wants. What a pure cutie! And, of course you would use "Anti-vampiral" medicines to cure the over bight. Everyone knows that. (LOL!!)

varms said...

Tis better to have died loving than to have never loved at all...

Chianz said...

So Hee was soooo...cute n pretty in this music video. For me,she doesn't looked like vampire but the song was amazing powerful enuff!

Eden said...

Ahhhh thanks for posting! :) I've been waiting for this. :)


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