Monday, 6 April 2009

Jo In-sung enlists for military duty

And Jo In-sung’s fighter pilot dreams come true.

Ready to serve!: Jo In-sung is all raring to go

The 28-year-old has enlisted for military duty earlier today. He will be undergoing 6 weeks of basic military training before serving in the army’s air force.

This year, South Korean stars born in 1981 will be reporting to serve their country. It will be another 2 years before we see the Frozen Flower actor again.

Ta-ta In-sung sshi!

Strike a pose: 'Does this look too girly?'

New haircut: 'Gosh, is this hairstyle too short?'

Looking for a partner: 'OK buddy, who wants to be my wingman?'


Dottie said...

Seriously, the man is gay but that's OK! ;)

daisyj said...

@dottie He is? I don't believe it. There were rumors of him with an older woman once. He can't be gay.

rEbEcca said...

will miss InJung oppa very much!

Arima said...

Dottie are you his partner GAY??? he is not Gay he is just Playing As Gay,, how could You Say he is Gay

Anonymous said...

he is ROCKIN' that buzz cut! i'm gonna miss you, jo in-sung!

Lolita said...

oh no he is not gay. That's just movie. Oh i miss Jo in sung so much. I'm gonna wait for you.


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