Monday, 20 April 2009

Kim So Eun's new movie & drama

Say kimchi!

Kim So Eun - the cutie pie who played Geum Jandi's best friend Gauel in Boys Before Flowers is definitely going places and landing roles left and right. After being labeled the CF Fairy, we now hear of a new movie and drama for the lovely young actress.

Kim So Eun (20) is currently working on her movie Fourth Period Murder Mystery (4교시추리영역). In the movie, Kim teams up with Yoo Seung-ho in a "real time" high school murder mystery. The movie is directed by Shin Dong-yeob, who wrote and directed 100 Days with Mr Arrogant. Fourth Period Murder Mystery is scheduled to release in August 2009.

Kim So Eun will also be in a new KBS2 drama called THE MAN WHO CAN'T GET MARRIED. The drama will air after Story of a Man. And Story of a Man will air after Boys Before Flowers ends its run.

On another note, here are pics of Kim So Eun in Korea's new newspaper magazine High Cut. Kim's photoshoot pics were in the magazine's 3rd issue.

Sources: Dramabeans, Jazzholic, Allkpop

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Anonymous said...

I love to see her with kim bum. I hope one of these days i can see them act together outside of BOF.

Chianz said...

^.^ ohh my.. liked kim so-eun lots.
she's such a lovely cutie pie!!!
aza-aza fighting..

Jenny said...

Her new drama is a remake of a japanese dorama called "kekkon dekinai otoko".
Hopefully she will do well with both projects.

missglasses said...

I like her sooo much :)

|| Lyññ || said...

Cant wait!! I'm such a Kim So Eun fan now =)

Any idea when it will air on KBS world?

Anonymous said...

BOF isn't ended yet in KBS World.. Story of a Man has 20 eps in total.. 20 eps mean 10 weeks.. so it's still around 3 mths.. aigoo.. can't wait for it.. >_<

Rose said...

I Like Kim SO Eun a lot she has great acting skills and she has great chemistry with Kim Bum

Soeulmates I really love them

Wish I can see them collaborate again


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