Sunday, 19 April 2009

Nam Gyu Ri & Bad Girls at nail product launch

Doll-like Nam Gyu Ri showing off a bottle of Bandi's eco-friendly nail colour

Green Eco-nail brand BANDI launched their new range of eco-friendly nail products on April 19 at Seoul's Trade and Exhibition Center (SETEC).

Seeya's Nam Gyu Ri and Amy & Bonnie from Bad Girls Diary were seen at the launch.

Bandi introduced 200 new natural colour hues and claimed that their range of nail colour do not contain harmful ingredients. The French patented technology used makes the nail colour dry faster and lasts longer. The special patented ingredient 'silica alumina' is also used.

The brand also carries a Nail Treatment colour line for base coats, Cuticle line for cuticle care, nail polish remover and also Hand & Body products. Nail art products will also be introduced to the brand soon.

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Nam Gyu Ri trying to figure out if she likes Bandi's hand cream

Gosh so many gorgeous looking colours to choose from!

Amy & Bonnie like the products too!

See this hand cream? Min-woo would love this...

Source & pics credit: Newsen

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|| Lyññ || said...

Cool! Look at all the colours!!! They're so pretty.... hahaha... Nam Gyu Ri really reminds me of Siti Nurhaliza...
Amy is soooooooo cute =)

jakline said...

Amy is so pretty! Im sure that minwoo would like that too! cute pictures of them


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