Sunday, 12 April 2009

Lee Seon-gyun to wed pregnant girlfriend

Well, at least he’s forthright about it.

Lee Seon-gyun (Coffee Prince) is set to tie the knot with his girlfriend of 6 years Jeon Hye-jin (33). The couple is 5 weeks pregnant.

The marrying kind: Actress Jeon Hye-jin (left) to wed
Lee Seon-gyun on May 23

“I’ll be a father around Dec or Jan,” Lee said when he met with the press on April 11. “We didn’t decide to quickly marry because of that. We got the news on Apr 6 and we’ve been considering whether to announce it until April 10,” the beaming 34-year-old said.

The lovebirds will marry on May 23 at the Grand Ballroom in the AW Convention Center, Seoul.

Saranghae: Lee Seon-gyun shows some love to the press.
He announced his girlfriend's pregnancy and their wedding
date on April 11

Father figure: 'Wish me luck guys. I'll be a
Daddy soon.'

The Korean press is praising Lee for his honesty as many Korean celebs tend to hide the truth from the public (again, we are reminded of the Kwon–Sohn couple).

Congratulations to the couple and soon-to-be newlyweds!

Secret: 'Honey, I'm pregnant.'

Sources: Cyworld News & Newsen with translation by Joe Gimm

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may C said...

The COUPLE is 5 weeks pregnant??

Jordan said...

I KNEW it!!!!!!

It may make me sound a little jaded

but I no longer accept that

celebrities (at least Korean

celebrities) are marrying w/o already

having a bun in the oven/

Biscuit said...

So thats why he was getting married........

@Jordan: Well, there are some couples that got pregnant AFTER their marriage, so that must mean that they were not preggers when married (Kim Hee Seon, Jeon Do Yeon, Han Chae Young are some ^^ And that lady from X-men too... )

At least they are getting married and raising the child together ^^"""

@K-popped: Love the new background ^o^ So cute *______*

피지 said...

one of my fav ahjusshi[s]..

yeah, i like their open-ness.

Anonymous said...

I dont know they Married because of pregnancy, AKP didnt mention it..


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