Thursday, 21 May 2009

Rain's Fashion Concert in Hong Kong

Okay Bi, don't strip...we'll tell our readers about your Fashion Concert!

Rain has been rather quiet lately and I am wondering what he's up to. Well, he is busy preparing for his Fashion Concert in Hong Kong. At the fashion show + concert, Rain will showcase his Six To Five Autumn / Winter collection as well as perform a couple of his songs.

If you are in Hong Kong or want to fly there to catch Rain in concert / a fashion show, go to HK Ticketing website to purchase tickets.

When: 06 June 2009 (Saturday) at 8:15pm
Where: HKCEC, Hong Kong
Price: HK$1625, HK$980, HK$580, HK$380

Special thanks to Fraulein for the tip ;-)

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Anoni said...

WOW!.Yea, he is being a bit too quiet lately..I'm dying to see him in a drama or movie.. :)

Anonymous said...

It should be either shirt on, or shirt off. No midriff! Ah!

Anonymous said...

Best tickets were gone before online sales started.

Anonymous said...

bleh. waste of money.

selva said...

I want that jeans and that belt >.< looks too pretty!!!!

fraulein said...

You're welcome, Orchid ; )

fraulein said...

I hope he stops teasing us with talk of Asian concerts, and drops a sporadic shows here and there ( HK, i can understand, but Macau? Seriously)

And all this talk about staying behind the scene to launch a new artiste, devoting more time to 6to5etc is not good for fans

I don't know if the uncertainty is related to the pending legal suits but I hope he gets down to work on a drama soon. I badly need a Rain drama. I'll even take back what I said before, even a sad melodrama will do, i just need to see him on the small screen soon.

Or, maybe, he is taking a well deserved break. I dont know.

Anonymous said...

latest news rain caught having a meal with songhyekyo in seoul restaurant few days ago sparking their romance surface again spreading all over asia internet n foreign press. fans tried to take photos, was stopped by rain n he quickly gave excuse they broke up half yr ago. didnt songhyego said she dont have a boyfriend n rain also said similar n both never admitted dating, so how could they broke up. cat let out of the bag?? in songhyekyo recent interview she said if she is really dating the only time is having a meal together - isnt this happening?? they will continue to deny n lie else affect their careers but the cannot hide their scandal for 5 years immediately after song broke up with her ex-bf, she foung anor man so soon n some say rain is the 3rd party involve in her breakup!! from a sweet young thing to bad girl image always fall in love with her co-stars. a damn liar she is, finding good man for a husband when she isnt pure n decent, from bed to bed man to man. lose all respect/

Anonymous said...

I am not surprised. The ' pure ' looking girls are sometimes the worst.


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