Sunday, 26 July 2009

Solbi does sexy for Men’s Health

South Korean singer Solbi sets fire to the cover of Men’s Health by appearing in a tight-fitting white dress with a barely-there top.

The 25-year-old had a photoshoot for the men’s health magazine at Han Studio in Gangnam, Seoul recently.

You know you want me: Men's Health sure knows
how to sell 'em mags

I bet many a man won't be able to resist the mag with such a smoking hawt cover :-).


Lola said...

That's pathetic. WTF does this cover have to do with men's health? And she's not sexy, even with a nice rack. Her expression and eyes look vacant, empty, and bored. Not sexy, sensual, or tantalizing. Too bad to see South Korea steep to the gutter like Europe and America where female sexuality is sold for NOTHING.

Lola said...

She looks like a drugged out whore hanging around a street corner looking for a trick to turn. I can't believe you nimrods think this is an example of Korean beauty!

Lola said...

Another thing that amazes me is that you girls running this blog are from Malaysia and live in Malaysia where your strict Islamic government would throw a woman in jail (or maybe even stone her) for looking like this on a magazine cover. A magazine like this would not even make it to the news stand in Malaysia. And if this woman showed up at the airport in Malaysia she would be sent back to the plane she came out of. Why do you idolize something you wouldn't be allowed to do in your own country?

I am not that strict but I am sick of actual beautiful women being overlooked in favor of women who look like whores or who look like they have had 5 plastic surgeries.

Lola said...

And what a hypocrisy that you glorify women looking like whores but then you also applaud Muslims for going to Korea and eating halal food. As if you all are so religious. Puh-leeze.

Liz said...

Oooh wee, someone's sure has her knickers in a twist just because of our wee 'lil post. Lighten up, Lola.

Anonymous said...

Lola, on behalf of all K-Popped readers, I would like to say, SHUT THE FCUK UP.

Ayu said... really don't have a life...she doesn't look like a whore one bit.She looks freakin' hot and Men's Health magazine always has SEXY photos,so she has to pose like that.Your statements are all pretty ridiculous to me.WTF is your problem?Don't like the photo?Then go and get a life,don't waste your time commenting -.- You call HER pathetic?She was asked to be an MC,people in the industry love her,she got 2 awards,one of them for the best entertainer,she was asked to pilot shows,she appears in popular shows,she is a successful singer and entertainer,she challenged herself in ice-skating and did a wonderful job on her Gala Show,although she twisted her ankle.She is in so many magazines and looks gorgeous...and you call HER pathetic?Here is definitely someone,who is pathetic,but it's NOT Solbi...

Anonymous said...

Well Lola, she does have to do with exercise!! And that has a lot to do with Men's Health!

Vic in Long Beach, CA

Anonymous said...

When I saw this pic, it amazed and surprised me and wonders if this is really Solbi, the sweet girl I saw during We got Married days.
I am looking forward to buy the issue of this magazine and see more sexy pictures!

Ayumi said...

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, honestly, I have kinda mixed feelings about this cover.
This photo is a little too tantalizing (even for American standard) and over the top;
this cover would be more suitable for Korean 'Playboy' or 'FHM' LOL

To be totally honest, I would be mad, um, if my man would buy this mag, hehe.
But obviously, sex sells.
Maybe this mag is more bout men's sexual health ^^!

Solbi is one feisty woman, for sure...and has sooo many talents. She even dances like a pro latin dancer. She doesn't need to emphasize her 'sexual side' so much...if she wants to appeal both to women and men of all ages.
You go gal!

Janica Te said...

i don't really like solbi ~
i was wondering if the picture is really her or something !
like i was shocked O_O

Belinda said...

I'm trying to catch up with months worth of K-pop news. Solbi is so different from her WGM days. I couldn't recognize her, really.

Reading comments from Lola kind of made me chuckle, especially those about Malaysia and its laws. I wouldn't go into detail about how the laws in Malaysia work.

Lola, I hope you are aware that Malaysia is not run by an Islamic government and we have a legally binding constitution which is for people from all walks of lives. We have two sets of laws - common law (for general purposes) and Syariah law (only applies to Muslims).

If Solbi ever comes to Malaysia, she would be warmly welcomed and not "sent back to the plane she came out of".

It is very shallow of you to say "your strict Islamic government would throw a woman in jail (or maybe even stone her) for looking like this on a magazine cover" as we have a set of guidelines that determine how much can a model strip to pose for a magazine. Therefore, we need not worry about the model being stoned or jailed. She is just paid to do so. FYI, we have FHM here with really sexy women on the cover.

Lola, in case you are not aware, our laws do not stone people. I'm not sure where you heard the stoning story from? Please be mindful of your words before launching an attack next time.


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