Sunday, 26 July 2009

Maxim Aug ’09 cover girl: Cha Hyun-jung (차현정)

I just had to know. After finding out that Solbi is appearing on the cover for Men’s Health (in a barely-there top), I was curious as to which babe is gracing the cover of Maxim Korea.

Well, it’s none other than actress Cha Hyun-jung (Hong Gil Dong/ Lovers of Six Years). The cover shot of the 26-year-old isn’t quite as head-turning as the one on Men's Health though.

Minx: Cha Hyun-jung gives you her 'come hither' look

Nonetheless, I’m sure there’s more to the mag than sexy pictures. Guys don’t just buy the mag for the photos right? The articles are worth a read too…heh, I think.

Ba(n)d girl: 'I'm always a team player.'


Serene said...

was she the ' park eun hye ' character in HGD? I don't recall any other girl other than Sung Yuri.

Serene said...

ohh... i know . she was marnyeo...


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