Sunday, 26 July 2009

SNSD and Son Dambi at Man U vs FC Seoul match

SNSD's Yoona screaming cheer leading instructions to her squad!

Girls Generation (SNSD) took to stage during half-time at the Manchester United - FC Seoul friendly match in Seoul on July 24. The match was held at Seoul's World Cup Stadium in Mapo.

Sexy singer Son Dam-bi performed before the match started.

Manchester United won 3 - 2.

Was there a performance at the Manchester United vs. Malaysia match?

Gimme a 'K', 'O', 'R', 'E', 'A'!
Girls Generation in their short denim shorts and
cute sailor tops
perform during half-time

Showing lots of legs...

...but where are the pom poms?

Sexy Son Dambi and her backup dancers performed at the start of the match

Source: Newsen


Anonymous said...

I don't think Manchester played Korea. I believe they played FC Seoul.

Orchid said...

thanks AL BUNDY!

Wawa said...

there's no artists performance during ManU vs Malaysia! only marching band during the half time

varms said...

I can't help thinking Sailormoon when I look at those outfits... Haha, maybe that's the point. ^^

Cyfull de'CK said...

Erm, SNSD xnak dtg KL plak ke? Brown Eyed Girls ke...KARA ke...heheee...2PM or Big Bang pun ok gak...arituh da termiss SuJu...isk...


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