Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Lee Hyo-ri steams up Cosmopolitan

She’s done it again. Lee Hyori, the Korean singer who oozes sex appeal, dresses down for a series of seriously hot looks for Cosmopolitan.

Sexy: Lee Hyori tantalizes

The 30-year-old steams up the pages of the fashion glossy with what is called the “lingerie look” in Guess intimates. The Hey Girl singer is seen romping around in bed and posing provocatively with a hunky male model.

Seductive: 'Mmm, what's that I smell? Peppermint?'

If you’re in South Korea, would you be picking up a copy of the October 2009 Cosmo?

Angle: 'Now this is what I call a room with a view ;-)'

Waiting: 'How come no one wants to play with me?'

Source: Hankooki

More Lee Hyori!


Anonymous said...

I wanna comment something meaningful, but it's difficult with having to wipe my drool from the keyboard at the same time....

Liz said...

Ha ha ha...and ewww. :-P

Haxim said...

this is just hot!
typical of hyori<3

Anonymous said...

You and me both Sashi. My GAWD. At her age, she still looks like that?? Oh my.

Vic in Long Beach, CA

Ayumi said...

Seriously....you know what?!

I think Lee Hyori is overrated

(Sorry, if you all Hyori fans out there are offended..)

She's more known for her SEXY LOOK than her vocal;
most of her songs are in low range cuz she can't hit high notes.

Even her hot look is made by tons of professional hair stylists, make-up artists, tanning machines, and
finally by some computer 'Photo-Shop' techniques.

She was very plain without all that smokey eye makeup, tanning oil and push-up wonder bras in her reality shows.
Without makeup, her eyes looked tiny (couldn't believe my eyes) and her boobs appeared flat with her baggy shirt on..

Even her sexiest assets that made her famous,
her boobs...many of you gals have that size (B or C?)or even bigger..unless you are skeletal.

Honestly, it's time for Hyori to change.

Now that she's approaching her mid-30s, she should ditch her oh-so-superkawaii harajuku girl image
and transform herself as a REAL singer! Just my two cents..

Anonymous said...

I see your point, Ayumi, but I'm not so sure I agree completely. (follow me for a sec here...) Going all the way back to the Fin.k.l days, I think she mainly sold her looks. Hyori was the "Lead Attention-getter", but Ock Ju-Hyun was the Lead Singer. I'm not sure I would recognize Hyori, if she were singing a song I had never heard. What I'm saying, is Let's let her enjoy flaunting her curves. I'm not really sure she's got a lot else...

Vic in Long Beach, CA

Ayumi said...

>>Going all the way back to the Fin.k.l days, I think she mainly sold her looks...I'm not sure I would recognize Hyori, if she were singing a song I had never heard.<<

Yo, Vic, thanks for da info on Hyori in her Finkl days.
Actually, I don't remember her very well in those days. I happened to hear them here and there when I was younger..
Neither her looks nor her singing attracted my attention that much. Hmmm, maybe it's because u r a dude!

>>Let's let her enjoy flaunting her curves.
I'm not really sure she's got a lot else...<<

Sure, for now...but

I think she should come up with another talent of hers b4 she hits mid-30s.
Japanese 'Gya-roo Look' is not for her age...
Hyori is popular to both men and women due to her unassuming down-to-earth personality.
Don't want to see her leave the Korean entertainment scene ^^

Anonymous said...

Ayumi, I've been thinking about this today. And I thought "Compare Hyori, to BoA*.". They're similar ages, started within a year of each other. (That isn't totally fair, as Hyori started in a group, while BoA* has always been by herself.) And Hyori does, in deed have a pleasant personality. But Hyori sells sex, while BoA* is talent (and a LOT of hard work). Try this Ayumi: What would you guess each girl will be doing in 20 years? My guess is that if she wants to, BoA* will still be entertaining, while I see Hyori, in someone else's real estate office hawking condos in Pusan.

Vic in Long Beach, CA

Ayumi said...

LOL, intriguing!

I have no doubt in 20 yrs
BoA will be still working as a singer or as a CEO of a company like JYP?

Many people say how adorable & cute she is but since a long time whenever I see BoA, she reminds me of a scorpion...determined, excruciatingly hard-working and ambitious.
I respect her enormously.

As for Hyori, maybe you could be right;) - or she might get married to a rich guy or produce workout videos like Shin-he Hwang or be a yoga guru??
hehe, it is quite interesting to imagine 20 yrs later what their lives would be like!

MKL said...

I'm a big Hyori fan and I think she's totally not overrated.

She's smart, hot, great singer and performer... How could that be overrated :P

But hey, I respect your opinion, to each their own :-)


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