Saturday, 5 September 2009

Tablo and Kang Hye-jung to marry in October

I DO!!: Kang Hye-jung (left) and Tablo to be husband and wife,
and parents soon

Epik High’s Tablo is set to tie the knot with his girlfriend Kang Hye-jung (Old Boy) this October!

On top of that, Tablo will become a father next May. Yes folks, Kang is 5-weeks pregnant.

Tablo (29) and Kang (27) will wed in a private affair. Tablo revealed that initially, the couple planned to wed in October 2010, but decided to move the date up because of the unexpected news.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Source: Newsen & allkpop

Tablo makes girlfriend Kang Hye-jung happy

Epik High's Tablo happy and in love


zoe sawyer said...

i love tablo a lot!!
his rappings were among the best in korea..and for sure epik high's songs are all awesomee!

all the best tablo

yin said...

Tablo is a appa ! LOL !
he s like .. one of THE best rappers in Korea .
i loooooove Epik High because of his rap . ^^

congrats to the couple !

Blaise said...

How about that?!

It's both surprising and expected... don't ask me why! :)

Best wishes to the lovebirds.


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