Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Hair Coating @ Park Chul Hair Saloon

Today i got my hair done at a Korean saloon for the very first time...

Ever wondered why the Korean celebrities you see on television have such shinny lustrous hair? Well, i found out that they go to the hair saloon to do a treatment called "hair coating". The hair is coated with a dark brown gooey substance to repair it. The result would be a healthier and shinier head of hair!

While surfing the Internet for a place to go for hair coating, i found this article : Celebrity Hair Styles

Today, i went to Park Chul's hair saloon in Desa Sri Hartamas. The saloon is located on the first floor, at the same row as RHB and CIMB bank. The Korean couple who owns the shop are friendly and they both speak English! James and Michelle Chung were very easy to talk to and happily obliged when i asked for a photograph.

At Park Chul hair saloon, you can read magazines, listen to Korean music or watch a Korean drama while they work on your hair! You will be served Korean tea too. You'll get the full Korean hair saloon experience!

The sign board outside reads "Korean Professional Hairsaloon"

Read magazines and drink Korean tea while you get your hair done!

The saloon has a nicely decorated, spacious interior

Hair coating starts from RM200 if you have short hair. But since i have long hair, my hair coating treatment cost RM350. To fully regain the hair's health, James advised that i undergo the treatment three times, once per month. James also advised that i use hair treatment instead of conditioner after shampooing my hair.

James is also very skillful at cutting and styling and if you like the hairstyles of the Korean celebrities you see on tv and in dramas, try going to a Korean hair saloon!

Needless to say, i am very happy with the results. Park Chul Hair Saloon also offers volume perm (to create more volume), rebonding and organic perm.

Have you visited a Korean hair saloon? Tell us your experience!!

Friendly Korean couple: Michelle & James Chung

That's me with Michelle & James ;-)

Park Chul Hair Saloon

12-1, Jalan 24/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas,
50480, Kuala Lumpur.

James Chung 014-3115 319


Wawa said...

ahhhhh... nice orchid! i really wanna visit korean saloon & see the differences between our local saloon & theirs... might be dropping by!!!

Orchid said...

@wawa You should! they use all Korean products & equipment!! Even the steamer has a Korean automatic voice coming out of it.

Liz said...

Awesome! I wanna go and coat my hair too. So mine'll be RM200 and above? Kewl bananas!

Ho Su said...

Ooh! This is one of the best Korean hair salons in Malaysia (IMO). They've always given me haircuts that suit my face -and- my taste. <3

Liz said...

Oh really? Hair cuts that suit the face. Alrighty then, my next hair cut will be at Park Chul Hair Saloon then :-).

How much does a wash and cut cost over there?

silveraven said...

lol! the heart shape~ ;p

Rooster said...

How's the hair coating treatment? Is your hair irresistible? hehe

Korean salons really give great haircuts. They listen to what the customer needs!

|| Lyññ || said...

Ah!! U went to the saloon... I'm tempted to go... haha... my hair is out of shape adey... planning to re-perm and do some treatment but I doubt my mom would allow me to do so many things... I love the korean hairstyles!! I heart Saebyok's n Taeyon's hair!

Oh... I would love to visit the korean boutique below the shop... haha... love their style~~

is that pic of u after u did a treatment?

Anonymous said...

Ooh~ You look nice! Even though I can't see your face.. :)

Maybe I should give it a try~

Haxim said...

sh1t! definitely a must! after SPM, that's probably gonna be my hang out place, lol. i really need to do my hair korean style! like jaejoong, or hyun joong! thanks for the info k popped! :D

Stephanie said...

Oooh, I think I know where I'm going for my next haircut!

How's the pricing for their haircuts?

Thanks for sharing this!

Orchid said...

@Lynn Yes that's a pic after my treatment!

@Stephanie I am not sure how much they charge for a haircut. You could call James Chung to ask.

BiBi said...

aw... though i can't see your face, you look great!! great body and nice hair!! :D

Falisa said...

that's so cool!! now i know their secret of always having this beautiful shiny silky hair...
i'm in need of a new haircut as well! i thinkmaybe i shud go and try it out ;))
thanx for the info orchid!


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