Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Lachata-ing with f(x)

I must confess, I’ve been cut off from the Kpop music scene for months now.

Months it may be for me, but it could very well be counted as years in a Kpop scene that is churning out girl groups and boy bands by the second! :-P

f(x) wants to Lachata with you

f(x) may bring back nightmares of unsolvable add maths problems to some, but it’s actually the name of one of the newer groups in Kpop. f(x), which is pronounced “eff-fects”, is a group from SM Entertainment.

Lachata, the quintet’s rather sugary yet edgy debut single, warms up to you after listening to it for the 15th time.

One distinct feature of f(x) is its group members. While four out of five of them are your typical sweet as sugar girly idols, there’s Amber – a tough as nails, tomboyish, whaddaya-staring-at member that has both fangirls and fanboys lusting after.

What are you waiting for? Just hit the play button to La-cha-ta with the gals ;-).


Absolutely Sweet Marie said...

I too have been out of the K pop world. There's nothing amazing in K pop this year I feel. 2008 was the best! Now there's so many bands, but nothing unique about them. It's the same hairstyle, same beats same lyrics, but just different people

|| Lyññ || said...

So many new bands debuted but I have to agree,they all have the same concept and same style of music...
4minute, 2NE1, and now f(x) are almost the same...
f(x) may have a funky name but their LaChata is disappointing for me... they can do better...

h o n e y b e e said...

it's kinda more or less the same as SNSD. SM should at least came up with a better and different idea. :(

Liz said...

I have to agree that the girl groups that have debuted aren't outstanding at all.

I finally managed to catch a Music Bank episode yesterday and the girl groups that performed...well, sometimes you just couldn't tell them apart.

Same beat, almost similar dance moves...there's the song, there's the rap section...yadda yadda yadda.

Ayumi said...

Can't agree more!!

Good ones are in Japan and the U.S. right now, either touring or making movies...DBSK, Big Bang, Rain, BoA, SS501, Whisung, etc.

I don't usually listen to girl bands...
I love most of the Korean OSTs (BoysOverFlower OSTs were sensational!)

The following are some of the recently popular songs I listen to when I work out.


Baek Ji-young "Candy to My Ears"
(Luv lurve lurrrve Spanish chillout 'Beach house' beats!!!)


Da Vichi "Hot Stuff"
(OST of "My Fair Lady)

Every song Norazo sings:

(Song of the Year!
da funniest & da craaaziest song! Have heard this about 100 times.)

Every song Clazziquai sings (although I prefer their earlier electronically jazzy songs)

By the way, just watched Music Bank on KBS World.
Am I the only one who thinks Brown Eyed Girls' stage performance of 'Abracadabra' is way too sexy for a whole family to watch together on TV?
It would be embarrassing...:-)))

Chae Yeon said...

Amber is so hot!!


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