Friday, 25 September 2009

Lee Min-ki goes shirtless

Wasn’t Lee Min-ki just fantastic in disaster flick Haeundae?

Now you’ll get to see…er, more of him (literally) in the latest Arena and Vogue Girl photospread.

Coast guard: 'I bet you want me to save you, huh? :-P'

The actor goes back to his modelling roots and shows off his sculpted torso for both pictorials.

More pics of the 24-year-old after the jump.

Vogue: 'Striking a pose comes naturally to me.'

Relax: Lounging with his Calvin Kleins

Source: Newsen

Lee Min-ki wants Yoon Eun-hye

Lee Min-ki wears a sarong for Oishii Man

Eugene and Lee Min-ki in the Philippines


Orchid said...

Rain looks better in Calvin Kleins.

Rain in CK (Part 1)

Rain in CK (Part 2)

froggyjohnny said...

ohhhhh god yes i love him!!! frikkin hooooooooot




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