Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Photos of Lee Min Ho in Malaysia!

Lee Min Ho - in the flesh, in Malaysia!
Photo courtesy of Cameranoob

Oh yes, many are still on cloud 9 because the very popular Boys Over Flowers star Lee Min Ho (22) was in Malaysia recently.

Many are still discussing and reminiscing his visit here, and telling stories about how they caught glimpses of him at his hotel, shopping, having dinner etc.

Even though the K-popped! Trio did not make it to the fan meeting at the Etude House outlet at Sungai Wang Plaza, Kuala Lumpur on the 25th October @6pm, we have scouted these excellent pics for you.

More pics after the jump...

Radiant Min-ho : view from the top
Photo courtesy of Wanie Anuar

Cute Min-ho
Photos courtesy of Lisa Yap

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Lisya said...

of the last pic! *die die*

Wawa said...

faint at the last pix >,<

geesh... minho just started my craziness over him back!!!!

Anonymous said...

every time i see his photos, i feel like grabbing & kissing him to death *LOL*

lucky there were tonnes of peeps @ sg wang the other day... otherwise, i wld hv grabbed & kissed him there & then ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

~ illa =,= said...

he's cute!

진혜인 said...

I am dying here upon seeing the pictures

Nadia said...

tenGs for sharing the pictures!!!!
he is soooo cute!! super kawaii!!

║m-Qi║ said...

oh my god
his smile so charming ..

Mic - DoubleS501 said...

nice pic.. the last one.. huhuuu!! looking at me! LOL

Kiki said...

OMG! Lisa, you are so awesome! You got so nice pictures of MinHo!!! =)

|| Lyññ || said...

Absolutely love the pics =)

Rachel / 레이첼 said...

I didn't get to go but I am very pleased that we (Lee Min Ho and I) were standing on the SAME Malaysian land when he was here that day. Lol.

Lunia said...

If I knew he was at sg wang ...definitely i stop by....anyway i'm glad he was in Malaysia ...hmmm dunno why korean artist always stop at Thailand and Singapore..don't they know about Malaysia...please we have various beautiful places also...

Sandra said...

ahhh memories!
i have 14 of my own blurry pictures to stare at day and night hahaha!
so upset i didnt get his autograph but he really is gorgeous in real life!!!
i waited for 4 hours!! gaaah!!

Ayumi said...

Hola, gals~

First of all, sorry for the long posting!

As I promised – here’s my one-day Minho hunting story begins *drum roll*

Pt 1:

I feel real guilty…..BUT took a half day off for this journey!

Went to JW Marriott hotel lobby at around 1pm.
There were some Minho crew and Etude Korea staff dealing with hotel counter.

Waited patiently for catching a glimpse of Minho and working at the same time with my laptop till around 4 pm at the lobby.

In the lobby, there were some Minoz Malaysia members, local event organizers, some fans from Thailand and Indonesia –
there were more fans the day before, but they’d flown back home due to their work.

When the girls went down the stairs at around 1:30pm, (which probably led to Starhill Galleries), I was so absorbed in doing my work..
but turned out they went to the 'Goryeo Won' Korean restaurant
cuz they got a phone call from Mino stalkers (!) that Minho and his crew are eating there!
H*ll, I missed him again..

These girls were saying they saw Mino up close and personal at the lobby (very small lobby) numerous times on 26th!

We heard a false report from some stalkers that Mino was already in Luna Bar at around 4 pm.

So some left, others stayed.

I went to Starbucks at Pavilion and continued my work.
Obviously, fans who stayed at the hotel lobby saw Minho leaving the hotel at around 5:30 pm!

They took a taxi and followed him to Luna Bar at Pacific regency hotel – owing to traffic jam, mino arrived at Pacific Regency hotel at around 6:20ish.

I, meanwhile went there at around 5:30 pm and met some new girls from Minoz Malaysia fan club and chatted.

Here again a false report from the hotel staff: he said Mino came to Luna bar already at 3 pm and we’ll have no chance of catching him at the lobby!!
So frustrated…mino’s entrance to the hotel would be my only chance...
cuz the Luna Bar press conference was strictly for those who were invited.

It was past 6 pm 6:15, 6:18.... the PC was supposed to be held at 6 pm.
Buuuuuuut, we just waited, waited and waited.
Then, finally, a white ban arrived and mino crew all got out!
Great sign!
And then a black ban arrived; although it was coated, I could catch a glimpse of Mino and Lisa yap perched in the seats!^^

They got thru the small lobby door heavily guarded by rough body guards.
OMG, saw him in the very near distance.
Green shirt looked real great on him..
In person, he’s like 1000times better looking than in videos or in photos! Flawless.

But he appeared very conscious of fans there, shy and didn’t have eye contact with fans...I saw a little bit trace of Goo Jun Pyo, haha

Heard from Minoz Malaysia before events happen, he’s usually a bit stiff and nervous.
But afterwards, he usually gets very relaxed and smiley.
Maybe he’s a professional!

Waited in the lobby till the press conference finishes.

Spotted miss Lisa Yap at the hotel lobby counter; I approached her and asked her to pass the letter I wrote in Korean (Am mixed - Kor/Jap) and German ‘sport’ chocolates to Minho.
She said she wouldn’t be sure if she could pass it to him but she’d try!

In the letter, I wrote many great things about Malaysia so that he would be in the mood for coming back.
I think I mentioned about mega sales carnival, too. ^^

Reporters got out..some of whom interviewed us – we gave lots of info to 'The Star'.
Happened to meet 'elosoulonline' reporters and the Editor in Chief (as I mentioned previously)

All the reporters left at around 9:30 but no sign of Mino.

(continued in Pt 2)

Ayumi said...

Pt 2:

Some stalkers called Minoz Malaysia members in the lobby that Mino is not in the special strictly guarded closed conference room but now chillin’ at the poolside IN the Luna Bar!!

Some event organizers tried to enter but
the bouncer still won’t let them in.
So I took them again there, trying to be nice/feminine, but appearing professional.
The bouncer let us in!!!

As soon as we enter there, we saw Mino, makeup/stylist lady, manager drinking, and just relaxing in the V.I.P. corner!!
But they were flanked by the body guards clad in black outfits.

We sat at the opposite table.

Across us & Mino, there was only da swimming pool, ha!
Usually am crazy bout swimming but at that moment wished it would disappear.

But the ambience, moon-lit pool, chillout beachouse music, KL night scene with twin towers in the background was perrrfect!
Am sure Mino must have enjoyed it all - they were served with nice food and drinks also.
It totally felt like a dreeeeaaaam!

Lisa recognized me and approached me – she said she handed the letter to Minho!
Wow~ My mission succeeded!

We called girls down there about all this – and they were pleasantly surprised.
They soon joined us – imagine girls in headscarves entering the bar lounge.

The girls were saying it was their first time EVER to be at a bar, haha.

What kind of courage it takes to take them there?! Their love for Mino of course.
You, go, girls~
One of the girls walked towards Mino’s VIP table..and Mino beckons her to come…but bouncers prevent her from doing that!

So between like 9:35~10:10 we chilled at the Luna Bar with Mino!

Photograhing was not allowed for their privacy (since it was originally arranged for Mino and the crew’s relaxation…)

Mino lit a cigarette and smoked and sometimes looked at our direction!! So mesmerizing!
His makeup/stylist friend cheekily put her head on Mino’s lap and the fans looked like wanting to k*ll her, haha.
It was just a joke on her part to tease us!

At around 10:10pm the crew got up and left for the elevator,
again we had a real close view of Mino.
He looked at us and blew his trademark ice cream smile and when the elevator opened, they got in.

While waiting for the ele door to be closed, mino again smiled at us – he looked very different from when we saw b4 he event started!

Some fans got absolutely craaaazy and waited the other elevator door to be open and
When it’s open, they rushed to their cars to follow Mino to the airport~
Gosh, they didn’t even say good-bye to me!
But I understand that, gals...I already told them I wouldn’t join him to the airport.

The airport story according to Minoz Malaysia member:

In Taiwan and Singapore, Mino was heavily guarded and he was a bit shy and fans couldn’t approach him close.

BUT last night, at KLIA airport, although it was very late, he was in the very good mood, made eye contact with almost everyone there and even shook hands with some of them!!
Over 50 fans turned up at the airport.

One of the Minoz Malaysia fans had asked me while waiting what I say ‘pervert’ in Korean.

I told her it’s ‘byun-tae’ and she obviously exclaimed to him, ‘Mino oppa, byun-tae!’ while he shook hands with her!
At that, mino laughed hard~~

He’ll probably remember Malaysian girls not only as well-behaved, cute and friendly but also having a great sense of humor!

So this is the end of my story…I wrote this like in warp speed. Sorry for some possible typos.

Actually, I really sympathize with Minho..back in Korea, he can’t even go to a convenient store cuz everyone will not leave him alone.

He didn’t mean to be this popular; besides, he’s a blood-type A, very shy one (sorry, Koreans/Japanese believe in this sort of shit, hehe).
Hope he enjoyed hopping around KL, shopping, food, etc.

Next time he comes here, I wish he would experience great Malaysian nature; beaches, highlands, mountains, and jungles!

The End

Ayumi said...

P. S.
Check out the 'comment' section of k-popped Oct 18 posting
I updated on LMH's visit to Malaysia!!

Anonymous said...

ayumi, thx so much for sharing ur min-ho-stalking-experience bwahahaha~~ ur indeed a great writer!!! i felt as if i had been in the bar with u & the other girls ;). heyyy, when is lisa yap gonna update on the press conference???

Ayumi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ayumi said...

>>ur indeed a great writer!!! i felt as if i had been in the bar with u & the other girls ;).<<

Nanie Nooraini, thanks for da compliment~
There are so many typos as I was surreptitiously writing this at work.

I realized last night that 'MIRACLE' DOES happen...
"where there's a will, there's a way", so goes the saying!

Some hottest shots - Yon Sama and a couple of hottest boy bands
(of which the names I can't reveal at the moment) will be coming to Malaysia next year!
Of course everyone knows by now SS501 will give a gig in Jan, 2009.
Not them, others, really really famous ones!

Event organizers who are organizing these revealed to me - but can't tell you now since they asked me not to...

I just wanted to give yo guys
some insights on how to spot Kor celebs --- the best way to meet them is to befriend their fan club members or join the fan club.

They are freakin' amaaazing in stalking and catching whereabouts of the celebs!

Kinda reminded me of scenes from 007 flicks, seriously, LOL!

>>when is lisa yap gonna update on the press conference???<<

I also have no idea...
probably she must have gone to bed at around 4 am, so maybe after she sleeps well, eats well and gets some energy? ^^
Am gonna check it out probably this afternoon or evening~

Ayumi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ayumi said...

>>everyone knows by now SS501 will give a gig in Jan, 2009.<<

Oops, sorry, in Jan, 2010, of course.

Also, 'van' instead of 'ban'

Lack of sleep is to be blamed!

Anonymous said...

ayumi, wow!!! m sooooo glad to meet u here!!! u've got all the details about future k-pop events...now i wonder which company u work for... hmmmm... feel like stalking u now bwahahaha~~ anyways, pls keep me in the loop for any k-pop events k? wld u like to remain anonymous or cld i befriend u on facebook?? tee hehe~~

Ayumi said...

Actually, not so much, hehe. I get k celeb visiting news mainly from here k-popped!

Yesterday was exceptional..
if you go to such event and wait for celebs at the hotel/event lobby, you get to meet event organizers or fan club president, etc. and overhear news.

But of course the fact I can read Korean sometimes helps, hehe

Sorry, I don't have a facebook...yet.
Do join a fan club of your fav Korean celeb - they are like encyclopedia!! Have a swell day, dreaming of Minho~

Wawa said...

yay ayumi! cool report...

okay, here is my story at the KLIA!

well, sine my working hours finish at 6PM, my friend fetch me and we headed straight to KLIA and reched there around 7.30pm... the moment we reached the airport, the first thing that we checked was the flight schedule! and there were 2 flights to Incheon yesterday night: 1) 9.15PM & 2) 12.05AM... basically his flight was delayed to 12.05AM due to New Winter Schedule...

then i called my friend who was at Luna Bar and she said Minho still at the bar!!! so, since we have such plenty of times, so, me & my friend decided to have a lil bite at the McDonald...

around 8.30PM, we headed back to the entrance when i started to spot some Minoz!!! and it was easily to spot them with their t-shirt wrote: MINOZ M'SIA!!! after the time pass 9pm, i started to see more & more familiar faces... more fans are coming! then i called my friend again, and she said, he still at Luna Bar chilling out... hahaha! and my friend already on the way to KLIA!

then, we spotted Minho's management team and we started to gather at the check-in counter... LOL! although they only a management team, but we were kinda excited seeing them! hahaha... when the time shows 10 something i called my friend again and ask where she is and she said, she almost reach KLIA and said Minho just make a move from KL... LOL!

then when the team already did the check-in, we started to gather at the front for few minutes, when we saw 2 persons from Minho's management, strated to go out from the entrance and that was when we knew, Minho has arrived! we gotta wait like 10 minutes before Minho stepped out from the black Estima & guess what: my 2 friends shouted: MINHO, BYUNTAE! i was like laughing but i don't dare to look at Minho's reaction! hahaha... but glad actually he laughed... LMAO! crazy friends i have ah????

on the way to the departure hall, it was a bit chaotic since there were a lot of people yesterday! coz yesterday a lot of parents are sending their kids to Egypt for study!!! i ran as fast as i can and recorded him... no pictures coz i learn from my SS501's experience! video is better... hahaha!

of course, when he got down tru escalator to the departure hall, he smiled at us brightly!!! and waved all the way and we chased all the way him tru d 'tinjau' area... then he POOFS!

tired but what a fun that i had ^^

Wawa said...

here is another funny story after Minho's poof from our sight!

when we wanted to head back we spotted familiar faces again that went down to departure hall! Minho's management team! me & my friends from the top, well i shouted first: UNNIE, AHNYEONG! hahahaha... then others started to follow, UNNIE, SARANGHAE! OPPA, SARANGHAE! nad even my friend shouted OPPA, YOU'RE HANDSOME (in hangul of course)... the oppa giggle and blush! okay, that oppa is freaking good looking... hahaha! we were one crazy girls yesterday

Ayumi said...

sound like you had so much fun there, chasing Minho!
How thrilling~
Kina reminds me that in Thailand
the fastest taxi is 'bullet taxi' that hunt down Korean celebs, LOL.

>>my 2 friends shouted: MINHO, BYUNTAE! i was like laughing but i don't dare to look at Minho's reaction!<<

Aw, a pal of mine said that also while shaking hands with him!
tst tst, overused *WINK*

Minho will think Malaysian girls are in general very good at speaking Korean!

Funny~ Thanks for sharing your airport chasing story!!
I really enjoyed it~* Ahh, when can I recover from post-minho-mal-visit syndrome?!

Wawa said...


hahahahaha! when my friends shouted that, the management team also laughed! they must be wondering: WHO THE HECK TEACHING THIS PEOPLE THAT WORD???? hahaha... well, to learn a new language, we gotta learn the bad word first >,<

Ayumi said...

Haha, they'll have a very good memory about Malaysia, thanks to 'byuntae' word~
Hope in Japan (the next country he'll have a big event in Nov), they will not copy that!

I know..Many Koreans teach Korean curse words first to foreigners ^^.

BUT 'byun-tae' sounds kinda cute & funny, and even adooorable to Koreans.
Koreans don't call REAL sexual pervert as 'byun-tae' so much in conversation.

If your boyfriend pinches your butt cheekily in public and then you will blush a little and shout out, 'oppa, byun-tae!'
Hehe, most of the time!

So no worries Minho and the team would have been hurt..
Besides, Minho is so careful with relationships around women eveyone knows he's opposite 'byun-tae'

By tonite, I might be googling around 'how to forget someone' or 'how to recover from having a crush' LOL

Wawa said...



ayumi, believe me, it will take at least a week before you can fully recover from this whole thing... i experienced that... LMAO!

tracy_hweichyen said...

He is like so hot....
from the airport to Sg Wang....
all I could remember was I screamed so much....
The Gu Jun Pyo madness is back!!!!

tracy_hweichyen said...

He is like so hot....
from the airport to Sg Wang....
all I could remember was I screamed so much....
The Gu Jun Pyo madness is back!!!!

SuperKoMe! said...

so lucky the people at S.wang!! huhu. why i'm at JB? haha.

Ayumi said...

It'll take a week to recover from that?! Hope it'll not be a month ^^.
Wawa, I know you are still thinking about him!

I really googled around 'how to recover from broken-heart, haha

I think especially everyone's heart who was at the airport
to see Minho off must be broken.

Just got a hold of this 5 min footage of Minho leaving KLIA scene.
Am shocked how friendly he is to the fans!!!
He makes eye contact with EVERYONE and smiles and waves to EACH and EVERYONE!
Heard from Minoz Malaysia fans this was unprecedented.

He must have been in da real good mood, I guess...
Check this out with ur own eyes!


Ms Lisa Yap, the event organizer's added the exclusive press conference photos (Oct 27) in her 'Day 3 Minho in Malaysia' posting.


She says:
"i'm uploading some photos now, will add in more and more later hehe~"

Anonymous said...


i've checked out lisa'a latest update & gosh, does min ho look extra gorgeous in green??? must start wearing green too bwahahaha~~

hv also checked the departure video... i should've been there, i should've been there... i should've...i should've... regret, regret, regret

HUGE regret :((

Ayumi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ayumi said...

>>hv also checked the departure video... i should've been there, i should've been there... i should've...i should've... regret, regret, regret

HUGE regret :((<<

Yah, me, too!!
(I had to submit a research paper yesterday...)

Really hope you'll catch Minho next time he comes to Malaysia, girl!

Ayumi said...

While I was reading Lisa's "Day 3 press conference" posting carefully,I found that
Minho had obviously told reporters that
he would COME BACK to Malaysia TO SEE HIS FANS!

She also comments:
i'm sure he will be coming back to Malaysia some time later… his 1st, and there are 2nd… or 3rd coming… and i think he kinda loves Malaysia, haha esp crabs here!!
yeah… he didn't go inside there cuz he needs to rest,
but we got to show him both KL Tower and KLCC from distance ^^

what he tries most are seafood, he loves seafood a lot, and
he says Malaysian ways of cooking seafood are yummy~....."

Ayumi said...

Realized today the Internet is kinda scaaary
(in a good way, in this case ^^), haha

'The Luna Bar chillin' with Mino' (see above) part of my story
how Minho ended up being called by some fans at KLIA airport as 'byuntae' are all translated in Korean and
someone put it in 'Mino Library' blog!
(She surely credited the source as 'k-popped')

They are wondering who taught the word to them but
think it's cute and interprete it as some sort of act to attract Mino's attention!:)

Korean Minho fans think the Luna bar story is too interesting (envy us)and

are calling da MH stalkers in Malaysia as very 'passionate and cute'...

Am afraid (haha) Minho might end up reading them!!

BTW, Korean fans also translated ALL Lisa Yap's stories with photos in Korean and uploaded them in their site!

Anonymous said...

what's the link for minho library???

whistbassist said...

Ayumi--> hi again!! remember me? i'm one of the girls who entered the bar wif u..in green headscarf..

after read ur story, we felt quite sorry for not saying goodbye to u that nite..haha. 미안함니다...we were busy chasing after LMH, after we saw that he already got in the car, then we also have to run towards our car!! we ran as fast as we can!! haha..like a bird flying maybe..**afraid that we might fall down..

i will upload full stories & pics later..and also our pics together in the bar!! **so sad..there's no pic of LMH...how i wish i could print the image of LMH in the bar out of my head..huhu..

Ayumi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ayumi said...

Nani N, sorry for the late reply~

Last night while I was shopping at Cold Storage at about 8pm, obviously, someone opened up my computer bag and stole one of my laptops!!! Ahhh..the store detective and I were checking CCTV and stuff and got home late.

Anywayz, here's the link:

For the story, click on the 9th post on the left....
The title is "1027 Minho ends up being a 'pervert' in Malaysia"

When you click on it, scroll down, then there'll be the 'Luna bar + pervert story' after Lisa's Day 3 posting. ^^)

>>> 미안함니다...we were busy chasing after LMH, after we saw that he already got in the car, then we also have to run towards our car!! we ran as fast as we can!! haha..like a bird flying maybe..*<<<

whistb, no worries! I really understand!!! Looking forward t ur story and pics~~Nice meeting you!

Gotta take off now...Have a good one, gals~

Ayumi said...

whistbassist, pls check ur hotmail!
maybe also the 'spam' folder if you don't find my email ^^

Anonymous said...

ayumi, thx for the link!

m sorry to hear that ur laptop got stolen :( this happened at cold storage klcc - no??

Ayumi said...

Cold Storage Curve! Ironical thing is that there were many guards patroling around Cold Storage..they should have been more attentive *sigh*

So in life, good things and bad things happen; the former example is my encounter with Minho and the latter is my laptop stolen. I purchased that not long ago when I was traveling in Korea. awesome one that can be charged up to 7 hrs! Ahhhh, my pics, videos, etc. are all gone...although I had saved my work in the other laptop and USB...

I'm gonna move on and try to forget this..Thanks for ur kind words, Nani Nooraini!

Ayumi said...

Precisely CS at Ikano Center..
Across Ikano, there's Curve mall.

I love 'Mutiara Damansara' area
(that has IKEA, Ikano Center, Curve, Cine-leisure movie mall, lots of palm trees, Border's bookstore, Pet Safari, and eateries around the world..breezy, spunky and exotic)

Ayumi said...

The link I put in the above posting has been moved,
as the blogger, Ginnie has kept uploading new postings, pics & videos about Minho...It's indeed 'Minho Library'!

Check it out here:

1027 말레이지아 동행일지 2-변태가 된 민호
(Minho ends up being a 'pervert' in Malaysia)


When you click on it, scroll down, then there's be the 'Luna bar + pervert story' after Lisa's Day 3 posting ^*^

Anonymous said...

i feel u, ayumi... it's hard to lose a laptop as it's a very personal stuff!

i hardly go to mutiara d'sara as i live in ampang near iskl :)... only go to ikea for furniture shopping once in a blue moon. kinda like to spend hours there LOL!

thx for the link (as if my very limited korean can help me understand the articles in the blog bwahahaha~~)

ayumi, college hag seng iyeyo?? coz u mentioned in one of ur posts that u were busy with ur research paper...

Ayumi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ayumi said...

>>only go to ikea for furniture shopping once in a blue moon. kinda like to spend hours there LOL!<<

Hey, gal, did ya enjoy ur lunch?
I know...
Love Swedish meatball, with cranberry sauce, gravy, and fries at the IKEA eatery!
It's only RM5 (US$1.5)
Check out other places I mentioned above when you hit IKEA area~

>>college hag seng iyeyo?? coz u mentioned in one of ur posts that u were busy with ur research paper...<<
Wish I were a student...I luuurrrved being one! I lecture at a uni, translate confidential correspondences of a Korean corp CEO, and teach Koreans English at coffee shops in the evening *embarrassed* but this madness has to end soon, hehe. This is my first time that I'm like this..Shhh, nobody among my colleagues know that I'm doing this. Do you understand what I'm saying? Minho probably made you and me like this. BTW, today I'm kinda recovering from the heartbreak...due to my laptop incident! ^^Cheers~!

Anonymous said...

heyya ayumi! just had lunch. what abt u? also dropped by my fave dvd shop in chinatown to get my next month korean entertainment bwahaha~~

wow - u must hv ur hands full with work! m a teacher trainer for a u.s.-based children's book publishing co. at the same time, m a postgraduate student at Uni of Malaya. i was originally an english teacher... majored in esl at uni and taught english for 12 yrs - yeah, ayumi - i can pass as an ajuma to u & others bwahahaha~~
had korean students & loved them to bits coz of their byun-tae-ness (cheekiness) hahahaha! i still keep in touch with some of them & all of them call me nuna hehehehe~~ yeah, i've got many korean dong sengs hehehe...

yeah, blame minho for turning me into this bwahaha~~ actually i only liked him as an actor coz he played gu junpyo really well! but after seeing him at sg wang... omo omo! i think i've fallen madly in love with him & he is definitely my dong seng - otoke?? LOL

ok, ayumi - gotta go back to work! catch up with u later & u hv a great day, yeah? anyoung~~

Ayumi said...

Nanie Nooranie!
I had 'nasi lemak' for lunch, yum yum! Scrumptious~
Felt like having the dish cuz
Lisa mentioned Minho had really liked it?!
I adoooore the dish, too, but gotta be careful since the dish is quite fattening:)

>>dropped by my fave dvd shop in chinatown to get my next month korean entertainment bwahaha~~<<

Hope you enjoy them~!
I should be checking out China Town, too.

"The Queen returns", a new drama (in which Oh Yun-soo and Hwang Shin-hye are starring) started airing on KBS world since this Monday.
Watched them a bit at the end of ep 1 & 2 and they are so much fun!

Will probably check out the rerun shows this Sunday (11:10 AM)

Isn't working and studying at the same time very demanding?!
You seem very passionate, vibrant, and energetic~

>>actually i only liked him as an actor coz he played gu junpyo really well! but after seeing him at sg wang... omo omo!<<

*giggling* Exactly...same here!^^
He turned me into a crazy psycho giddy groupie girl, haha

You too have a TGI Friday and super-groovy weekend, honey~*

Anonymous said...

many koreans love nasi lemak, eh?? including u though ur 1/2 korean ;)... yeah, it's the best!

hey, if u wanna drop by chinatown, gimme a buzz... we can meet up & i can take u to the dvd store ;). email me at nanie2673@gmail.com

tried watching the queen returns 1st episode, but didn't enjoy it coz i barely know the actors :(... maybe i shd try to watch the rerun this sunday... currently, i enjoy watching jolly widows... at the beginning it was boring, but now it's getting better & better!

TGIF & have a blast over the weekend, ayumi ;)

p.s: u can just call me nanie (na-ni) ;)

Wawa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Wawa said...

omg... ayumi!!!

LMAO... they really know about the byuntae thingy???? >,<

Ayumi said...

>>many koreans love nasi lemak, eh?? including u though ur 1/2 korean ;)<<
yeah, it would suit to many Koreans' taste buds - sweet, spicy, fragrant, and crunchy!
It's daaangerous, hehe

>>hey, if u wanna drop by chinatown, gimme a buzz... we can meet up & i can take u to the dvd store ;). email me at nanie2673@gmail.com<<

CooOool idea - how kind of you..yeah, I will!

>>tried watching the queen returns 1st episode, but didn't enjoy it coz i barely know the actors :(... maybe i shd try to watch the rerun this sunday... <<

I started watching it because of Oh Yun-soo (from "The Second Proposal"); watched only latter parts of the eps so probably will chck them out tomorrow.

BTW, can't wait to see "Iris" on Nov 11 (KBS World)!

U too have a realxing weekend~~

yep! Minho's Korean fans think it's cute and that it's just an act to attract Minho's attention ^^

Anonymous said...


must polish up my skills in cooking, esp. nasi lemak (!) to woo korean guys ;), so thx for the tips *LOL*

heard about 'iris' & read abt the plot, so m sure it's worth watching, so looking forward to it - thx for the info :)

worked today, so a little tired (sigh...) watched bof for the millionth time on dvd, but dozed off in the middle of the show bwahahaha~~ mianneyo, minho-shi ;))

ayumi, do email me if u wanna meet up, k?

nite nite & enjoy ur sunday :)

Ayumi said...

yeah, am really looking forward to IRIS - the trailer I saw on KBS World last night looks super-awesome~

Currently, the drama 'View Rating' is bout 30% in Korea! *^^*

Hey yall~

"2009 Mini Korean Film Fest" is going on now at GSC, Mid-Valley mall~
Admissions are all free!!

One of 4 flicks that are showing
'Our School E.T. (English Teacher ^^)' where Minho appears b4 he became famous~

Check this out:

Film Festival Schedule

Also, just received this article from a pal..
Minho visited Tw/Sg/Mal to promote these products.
This article makes me wanna purchase them!

Credit: loveminho.com

>>LMH Effect
Etude's new products,
'Full Moisture Collagen balm' & 'Full Moisture Collagen cream', set a record that total 40,000 sets of 20,000 sets each of 1st production were all SOLD OUT only after 10 days from their product launching in Korea.

This means that in spite of increasing the production quantity by three times more than normal case before product release with the confidence on the products, this kind of product shortage happened. <<


Ayumi said...
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Ayumi said...

Oh, and
to get the free tickets for da film fest, you don't have to wait in a long line -
just go to the special small counter on the left and they will give you free tickets~

A piece of advice I wanna give yo - if possible, get a hold of tickets well in advance for nice seats!

Ayumi said...

Lunch time, yeah..Wanna scribble a bit for your reference!

A couple of news:

Regarding Minho -
LMH and his management team have been approached by 10 countries (including Malaysia) to have official fan meetings (not Etude-related events);
hopefully, Minho will come again to Malaysia sooner or later before he recovers from leg surgery & eye surgery and embarks on a new project in 2010!

There's been a rumor BOF sequel might be produced...Da production team & da entertainment companies are carefully discussing it but nothing clear has been decided yet.

Regarding '2009 Korean Film Festival' at GSC in Mid Valley, some complained to GSC that they were not given free tickets; turned out the Korean movies were too popular they couldn't get a hold of the tickets!

This evening at 6:45 pm "Apology (Sagwa)" and afterwards, "My mother, mermaid" are going to be shown for free.
Hurry up after work if you are interested!

As for me, I've already seen all those flicks, haha. E
ach every film is nothing like Hollywood films...Great, unique and poignant ones!

My School's E.T. (English Teacher) where Minho appears is hilarious - it's a though-provoking poignant comedy that reflects Korean education system.
You can check it out also thru youtube.

According to

European Film Festival will start on Nov 12 and about 20 films will be shown.
They should have chosen more films for Korean film fest - there are tons of real great Korean films that have been made recently!!

And 'Ninja Assassin' & 'New Moon' (sequel of 'Twilight') will be released on Nov 26th!

Don't miss precious ops to check out quality films this November~
P.S. Am not affiliated in any way with GSC, hehe

Cheers~! *^^*

Ayumi said...

Although I'm nothing against "My mother, mermaid" (BTW, it's a great great great film),
it was made in 2004.

If I were the organizer,
for 2009 film festival, I would definitely have chosen masterpieces that were produced this year
such as 'Thirst' (by Park Chan-wook); 'Mother' (by Bong Jun-ho); Frozen Flower (SSang-hwa-jeom), DDong-pah-ri (that has swept major international film fests)!

OK, b4 going to lunch, I'll conclude by saying this....^^

Minho told reporters awaiting him at the airport on Oct 28th
he truly enjoyed his trips and appreciated his fans in Tw/Sg/Mal and was really sorry that he couldn't pay attention to EACH fan more carefully.
What a nice dude~*

Enjoy ur lunch!

weien2000 said...

lee min oh is my number 1 idol
i love him so much
how i wish he can come to my house


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