Sunday, 1 November 2009

Rain in Jakarta on Dec 3

Oh, you lucky Indonesians.

South Korean sensation Rain will be going to Jakarta, Indonesia for his 2009 Legend of Rainism Tour.

Live in Jakarta: Korean heartthrob Rain will hold a
concert in Jakarta on Dec 3

The 27-year-old is set to bring the house down at JITEC Mangga Dua Square on Dec 3.

Ticketing information is at:

Are you going for the Jakarta concert?

Gimme more Rain!


Huda Y said...

Ahh...he should come to Malaysia too!!!!!!! >_<

Serene said...

I feel so happy for his Indonesian fans, I believe this is the first stop in Jakarta. Many Korean artistes stop by in neighbouring cities like BKK but few do so in Jakarta, good on him...

eonjehna said...

looks like he's throwing up in that pic. i would, too, if my suit was as tight as his is.

Anonymous said...

wish i could leave work & fly off to jakarta to support him :(

Anonymous said...

You know, on Saturday (Pacific Time) during College (American) Football, I saw an ad for "Ninja Assassin". How 'bout that?

Vic in Long Beach, CA

Anonymous said... yummy bi oppa :9

how i wish he'll come to malaysia.
oppa, hwaiting!!!

AriaTinta said...

YES... I wish he can come to Malaysia... I can't go to his HK concert due to our Muslim big day...feel like going to Indonesia's concert...but the website provided not user friendly.. i can't find the link where i can buy the ticket... or something wrong somewhere with my computer..

Anonymous said...

Hey! I take care of the transmitters for Radio Korea, in LA. On the way to the transmitter last night, I saw a billboard for "Ninja Assassin". That's Southern California!!

Vic in Long Beach, CA

Serene said...

I saw an a print ad in our local weekly TV guide
It opens here in SG on 26 Nov

Ayumi said...
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Ayumi said...

Yo, Vic & Serene~*
..a humongous billboard at NY Times Square, too!
They seem to be doing many types of creative & aggressive marketing.

According to,
'Ninja Assassin' was voted as da flick that voters want to see the MOST this Nov (28.4% among bout 9800 voters).

The second film they look forward to seeing the most is 'New Moon'.
As a huuuuge vampire flick/novel otaku, am really looking forward to this one, too!
Can't wait to see both films, ahhh

Ninja Assassin is scheduled to be released on Nov 26th worldwide simultaneously ...
(For North America, it will be Nov. 25th due to time difference^.^)

Ayumi said...

Hey, yall~

This month in KL, so many fun events are going on...Korean film fest; 2009 International Fashion Week; Art Expo; European film festival; X-mas bazaars...
Especially, Ninja Assassin & New Moon releases on Nov 26th! ^^

Happened to read this article from Newsweek. Check it out and have a groovy weekend~!

Korea Takes Hollywood

(From the magazine issue dated Nov 16, 2009)

In the late 1990s a Korean wave washed over Asia. From TV soap operas and movies to pop music, the region couldn't get enough of Korean culture and its good-looking stars. But the wave never quite reached the American entertainment industry.

At most, Hollywood embraced the remake of several Korean films—including The Lake Houseand, more recently, The Uninvited.

Lately, however, ethnic Korean actors have started to gain traction in American film and TV. Kim Yunjin and Daniel Dae Kim broke through when they were cast in Lost in 2004, followed by Sandra Oh in Grey’s Anatomy and James Kyson Lee in Heroes. This year Korean-American heartthrob Daniel Henney appeared in X-Men Origins: Wolverine as the villainous Agent Zero, and now stars on the new CBS medical drama Three Rivers.

Lee Byung-hun took on the role of Storm Shadow in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. And John Cho, who played Hikaru Sulu in Star Trek, is currently starring as an FBI agent in ABC's drama FlashForward.

Next up: Jeong Ji Hoon, a.k.a. Rain, a pop superstar in much of Asia but still little-known on the global stage.
On Nov. 25, Joel Silver and the Wachowski brothers will release their latest big-budget martial-arts thriller, Ninja Assassin, starring Jeong as the title character, who seeks revenge on the secret society that raised and trained him and killed his best friend.....


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