Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Meet Rain and Seo Tae-ji at Coex

Their wax figures, that is. Sorry to burst your bubble.

It's Raining: Hmm, I don't remember 비
with such a "chubby" face

The life like wax figures of Rain and Seo Tae-ji are on display at The Story of World Star Experience (TSoWSE) – South Korea’s largest wax figure exhibition.

It is held at the Free Function Hall (1st floor) in Coex, Samsung-dong, Seoul.

Rock it: Seo Tae-ji looks really serious

Apart from Rain and Seo Tae-ji, other Korean stars on exhibit include BoA and Jang Dong-gun.

World-famous stars are also on display. They include Julia Roberts, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Oprah Winfrey, Keanu Reeves (yay!) and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Funnyman: Why Jim Carey, isn't your lipstick a shade too dark?

TSoWSE will showcase 120 wax figures, most of which were acquired when Movieland (America’s first and largest wax figure museum) closed on Oct 31, 2005. South Korea bought the wax figures for USD34mil. They were first put on exhibited in Dec 2005.

Talk, talk: Don't leave Oprah Winfrey hanging! That empty seat is
just begging you to park your tush there

Imagine: John Lennon having a bad hair day

J to the Lo: Jennifer Lopez is thinking of
The Back-up Plan

Crouch and hide: Chow Yun Fat wants to do just that
because of his badly-receding hairline

(Ir)replaceable: OMG Beyonce, I thought
you were Kylie Minogue!

Because you can can can!: Nicole Kidman relives
her Moulin Rouge days

You jump, I jump: Leo DiCaprio desperately
makes a deal with you

Blue or red pill?: Keanu Reeves gets lost
in the Matrix

Pretty woman: Julia Roberts needs a
digital perm!

The TSoWSE exhibition ends Feb 25.

Will you be checking it out? Take a picture with any of wax figures and send it to us! Hee hee.

Sources: Newsen & MYE

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I'd rather see the real Rain. That wax figure is just awful.


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