Thursday, 1 April 2010

Galaxie gives away SuJu’s Super Show 2 Live album

Yeah, the very same one that I’ve been listening to since the boys’ concert in Malaysia on March 20.

Listen: Brings back fond memories of Super Show 2, I tell ya

If you want to get your hands on this superb double CD, I suggest you get the latest copy of Galaxie (April 1 – 15 issue) @ RM5. The local entertainment glossy is giving away not one, but 10 copies of the CDs!

Galaxie: The SuJu CD giveaway is in this issue, which
hits newsstands today!

Also, heads up to all K-popped! readers. If you enjoyed reading my SuJu Malaysia concert review online, do pick up the upcoming April 16 – 30 issue of Galaxie as well. I’ve written a more concise review for the magazine and it will be published in that issue :-).

Yup, Liz K-popped gets to make a tiny contribution to Malaysia's mainstream press…all in the name of spreading the love for Hallyu in our country. Kpop hwaiting!

Part 1: Super Junior Super Show 2 concert in Malaysia
Part 2: Super Junior Super Show 2 concert in Malaysia
Super Junior’s Super Show 2 press conference in Malaysia


ida said...

wow..tats great!..
happy for Liz :)
fighting k-popped!

w3Rn yInG said...

lolz.. i bought this cd when i attend their concert in malaysia... <3... wondering will they release their concert dvd in Malaysia?? if got.. i will go buy it!! saranghae... suju.. XD

-XioN- said...

i went and searched for galaxie mags.. but no cd... how come??? meaning not all can get?? or certain distributors only have it??

Liz said...

Err, -Xion- a CD giveaway doesn't mean that the CDs are distributed with the mag. There is a contest in that issue where you can get the CDs. Ten CDs are up for grabs :-). Have fun!


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