Friday, 2 April 2010

Rain’s Love Song MV

South Korean superstar Rain sings about lost love in his comeback track Love Song.

Love Song: Rain hates wearing a shirt when he's angry

The 28 year old shows his frustration at love gone sour by ripping his shirt off. Nice. We’ve gotta get this man worked up more often ;-P.

Rrrrip: 'I'm mad! Get me outta this shirt.'

Check out the full MV below. Frolicking around with the hunk is actress (a.k.a. extremely lucky gal) Han Ye-seul.

Love Song is from Rain's special mini album Back to the Basic.

Rain kisses Han Ye-seul in Love Song
Rain sings Love Song to get Back to the Basic

More Rain!


Cuddly Family said...

one can never get too tired of the shirt ripping by Rain.

Rain the God (as one netizen called him)..

as I mentiond 2 u guys on twitter, Im still not sold on the metallic err, costumes.. but if it involves shirt ripping, heck yeah :D

the song pretty good too.. :D

Liz said...

^ Hee hee funny.


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