Friday, 2 April 2010

Maxim Apr ’10 cover girl: Ha Si-eun (하시은)

To save her image, actress Ha Si-eun goes all vampy for the April 2010 issue of Maxim Korea.

In control: 'Look who's spasming now'

The 26 year old portrays a character with cerebral palsy on the hit drama series Chuno a.k.a The Slave Hunters. Her portrayal is so convincing that her reps were worried it would affect her career.

Contrast: As Lee Sun-young in Chuno (top),
as herself (bottom)

And so, the actress was quickly booked for a sexy photoshoot with Maxim, just to show the public that Miss Ha does not spasm involuntarily, but may cause hot-blooded men to do so ;-).

Sexy: The sultry Ha Si-eun

Source: MSN News

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