Monday, 24 May 2010

Hyun Bin is a bad boy for High Cut

Bad boy: 'What are you lookin' at?'

Hello Stranger! What an appropriate title for Hyun Bin’s latest series of photos for High Cut.

Hyun Bin, who is dating Song Hye-kyo (are they still on? The romance is so low profile, I guess they prefer it that way), shows his darker side for the magazine.

So dark is his image that some shots of him look like that of his girlfriend’s ex…Mr. Lee Byung-hun in The Good, The Bad & The Weird. Hmmm, do I sense some kind of rivalry here?

Resemblance: 'Step aside Byung-hun sshi, I'm the new
bad boy in town. Oh yeah, and I've got your gal. Sucka.'

The 28 year old is really busy these days. He shot a movie entitled Manchu with Chinese actress Tang Wei in the States, went to Hawaii to learn the art of a barista, and held a fan meeting in Japan in April.

I wonder where he finds the time to see lady love Song Hye-kyo?

Occupational hazard: 'Darn, all that frowning has
given me cramps.'

Lost: 'Which way's north?'

Source: Newsen

Hyun Bin & Tang Wei team up in Manchu

Hyun Bin & Lee Bo Young at Happy movie premiere

Hyun Bin on the cover of Men’s Uno

Hyun Bin celebrates birthday with fans in Japan


Orchid said...

yeah he looks like Lee Byeong-hun in that second pic all right.

marie patillo said...

This guy is a lightweight compared to LBH. He got the girl after LBH was done with her. They say, "Everybody's girl, is nobody's girl." Sounds like her. She really likes those co-stars.

I wish him luck. He should do his own thing, unless he doesn't mind reminding her how hot LBH is and he coming in looking second best.


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