Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Won Bin & Hong In-young for Hang Ten

Love that tousled look, Won Bin!

Disheveled: 'My carefully messed up hair
looks good, no?'

South Korean actor Won Bin gets together with actress Hong In-young for a series of photos for Hang Ten Korea. The pair welcomes the summer season with the brand’s latest Summer Casual Look.

Gal pal: 'Oh, we're just hangin' with Hang Ten'

Won Bin (33) has a movie hitting South Korean cinemas in August. It is entitled This Man. Meanwhile Hong In-young (25) appears in the morning SBS drama Daring Women.

They certainly look cute together :-)

Gimme: 'Oppa, give me your shirt and pose
for the next shot shirtless!'

Source: Newsen

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Orchid said...

He's looking younger and younger!

Anonymous said...

wow won bin does look different! yup..younger and younger..

Niciseoul said...

Wow, those two make a perfect couple!


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