Thursday, 10 June 2010

Eva Popiel marries Korean boyfriend

Eva Popiel of Chit Chat of Beautiful Ladies will publicly tie the knot with her Korean boyfriend (27) on Oct 16.

Marry me: Eva finds happily ever after

Eva’s boyfriend is a recreational sports coach. The lovebirds met, and subsequently fell in love, while on one of their outings. Yes, sparks flew while they were…water skiing!

In one of her previous interviews, Eva (28) said: “I used to think I wasn’t suitable for dating Korean men, but I changed my mind after meeting my boyfriend.”

The couple has already registered their marriage, but their wedding ceremony will only be held in October.

Final fling: 'So many men, so little time...'

Eva, who is of British-Japanese descent, was raised in Japan until 14. Her family then relocated to England. The beauty appeared in Super Junior’s Full House and became really popular after being on the panel of the KBS talk show Chit Chat of Beautiful Ladies.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Princess for day: 'Dress me up like a Barbie Doll, please!'

Hang on: 'You know girlfriend, they say marriage is like
a roller coaster ride....'

Sources: Newsen & Hanopolis

Eva's done with dating, wants marriage
(her wish sure did come true!)
Eva Popiel plays golf in Fila


rEbEcca said...

wowo! congrats to Eva! i like her since her appeareance in SJ FUll HOUSE~ also remembered her saying she dont wanna date korean men last time in one of Chit Chat of Beautiful Ladies ^^

Orchid said...

Is that her boyfriend on the left next to her?


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