Friday, 11 June 2010

Lee Shi-yeon shows off sexy S-line for the World Cup

Transgender Lee Shi-yeon showed off her svelte curves in an ultra short mini skirt in support of the South Korean soccer team.

No.1: 'I'm a huge supporter of the South Korean soccer team.'

Shi-yeon, who was an intersex (hermaphrodite), underwent plastic surgery to become the woman you see in the pictures.

Supporter: Shi-yeon is all set to root for her home team!

The lady is set to cheer on the South Korean soccer team at the World Cup play offs. Shi-yeon and her friends will be watching the South Korean team battle it out on the football field with Greece on June 12.

“I will be wearing a red dress all day on that day,” she vowed.

All the best, team Korea!

Go Korea: 'My friends and I will be glued to the TV when 
South Korea plays Greece.'

Source: Newsen


DollyLady said...

this girl has got the most amazing legs!

Gary Norris said...
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