Saturday, 12 June 2010

Rain and Jeon Ji-hyun dating?

Have you heard the rumour that Korean world star Rain (Jung Ji-hoon) and actress Gianna Jeon Ji-hyun are an item? Both Rain and Gianna are well known Korean actors and have been in Hollywood movie productions. Rain appeared in Ninja Assassin (2009) while Gianna was in Blood: The Last Vampire (2009).

According to the Korean press, Rain and Gianna Jeon started dating in October last year. They usually meet at home, late at night to keep things nice and quiet. Recently, there were reports that Rain drove up to Gianna's condo (which is 3-minutes away from his home) to meet up with her right before leaving for the MTV movie awards in early June.
These paparazzi photos emerged in Korean sites as evidence. However, i don't see any conclusive evidence, as there are no photographs showing both Rain and Gianna together. He might be visiting his aunt in that apartment block for all we know!

There's also that thing about matching Cartier jewelery the couple is sporting. Rain has been seen wearing a ring on his ring-finger, while Gianna wears some bracelet - so says the Korean gossip sites as per image below. Well the bracelet Gianna is wearing looks more like a hair-tie to me! * shrug*

So are they REALLY dating? We don't really know do we? What do
you think???

Pics credit: SportsSeoul, Orbis Optimus

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DollyLady said...

this news is actually quite old and Rain had already came out to deny the rumor!

Orchid said...

Why would Rain deny dating Jeon Ji Hyun? I've also heard rumours that Rain is gay.

Liz said...

One's a ring and the other's a bracelet.

Told you there was something suspicious about Rain's Cartier ring :-P

Orchid said...

@Liz oh the photo shows. Thanks! Corrected it.

Even if Rain and Gianna are really dating, they won't 'fess up to it.

Vic in Long Beach, CA said...

You guys would actually dare to put "Korean World Star" in the same paragraph as "Box Office Assassin"???

ita said...

NO !! please dont be gay ! i love RAIN ! why are the goods one usually gay ?.!

Serene said...

No smoke without fire, I say.

I think there is some truth in this rumour. Korean paparazzi and netizens are really good at picking up stuff which celebs first deny and then get exposed later

Serene said...

Case in point :

Media : We hear there's a bun in the oven that's why you are rushing to the altar with Son Tae-young

Kwon Sang Woo : That's BS. We're in love and she IS my ideal woman

3 weeks later, his mgt agency 'fesses up

JJH2 ( so cute) will never fess up because they have so much commercial value. Their fans will run riot

NovelTee said...


Is it ok, if I say that I want this to be true?
I really love these two stars..infact I've always wanted them to pair up in a film or drama or something..

And anyways, its time Rain got a girl dont you think guys?..Gianna would be perfect!...

Serene said...

He goes for the best - materially and his choice of girls (read as : A listers) and makes no secret of this


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