Monday, 14 June 2010

Nanta starts Cookin’ for Malaysia in July

Don’t miss it when it hits our shores. Nanta (a.k.a. Cookin’), a non-verbal comedy, will be playing in Kuala Lumpur in July!

Smokin': Nanta comes to Malaysia!

We managed to watch the hilarious comedy while in Seoul in 2008, so we highly recommend it. Below is a snippet of K-popped!'s Nanta review:

The story is simple. Three chefs – Head Chef, Female and Sexy Guy – are ordered by the Manager of the restaurant to prepare a lavish wedding banquet within an hour – by “6 o’clock”. He brings his Nephew to work with the chefs. Initially, the chefs give the newbie the cold shoulder, but they soon warm up to the mischievous boy as they work together on the meal.

Apart from the fall-out-your-seat-laughing comedy, the highly entertaining show incorporates the Korean traditional Samulnori rhythm – a hypnotic beat that enthralls and captivates.

Full review here.

Catch the Nanta action at Plenary Hall, KLCC on:
  • July 23 (Friday) @ 8:30pm
  • July 24 (Saturday) @ 3:00pm & 8:30pm

Ticket prices are at RM180, RM140, RM110 & RM70. You can get your tickets at

Nanta cooks up a storm for the K-popped! Trio 
Theater for Nanta to open on Jeju Island 
NANTA is what's Cookin'



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