Saturday, 12 June 2010

Rain accepting The MTV Movie Awards for Biggest Badass Star

Rain receives The MTV Movie Awards Golden Popcorn for Biggest Badass Star for his work in Ninja Assassin! His does his acceptance speech in English yo! Check this out...for those who missed it on television that is.


Anonymous said...

Was any of his competition still alive? In fairness I must say his English is a lot better than I would have thought.

Serene said...

Anyone saw how Paris was checking him out? Zoom any closer and you might see drool coming out of her mouth

I bet she is planning her approach, i mean, her maul attempt!

Anonymous said...

Serene, let's hope he does not fall for Paris Hilton. He has too much class for that. (and YES I did say that!)

Ayumi said...

Yeah, being promiscuous is NOT a classy act:)!

And yesss,
Paris IS interested in Rain.

She mentioned about Rain and promoted 'Ninja Assassin' twice in her twitter!

Paris Hilton is probably one of the most misunderstood and most hated celebs by BOTH men and women.

I had a chance to meet her in person two yrs ago when she visited Seoul to promote FILAS.
Actually, she was very sweet, kind, polite, and appreciative of Korean food, dress (hanbok) and culture.

I think she is a street-wise, wily, shrewd and savvy business
woman who owns and runs a number of business ventures.

She just pretends to be a dumb blond, but the fact is that she knows what's hot, what steals the show, and how to market herself.

Even when she looks like partying hard, for 20-minute personal appearances at parties, she's usually paid between $150,000 and $200,000.

I know a bit about face-reading. She has every feature that oozes "wealth" & "success" -- especially her nose (!), big lips, high brows, high spirit from her eyes.

Just my two cents!
Knowing Paris Hilton will be beneficial but
I'm against Rain to become her next boyfriend, haha. She's a man-eater, LOL

Oh, well, God is fair - Nobody's perfect!

Serene said...

Vic, I've noticed we agree a fair bit when it comes to Rain and his escapades. Again, I have to agree with you this time. He's not an embodiment of a celeb with not a lot of class/style but if he moves (down) to Paris' level, I would be very sad

I don't know Paris personally and frankly not many ppl here do but I hope you are right. And you have summed up your description of her very well = )


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