Thursday, 5 July 2007

Spy Girl (2004)

Korean title: 그녀를 모르면 간첩 (Geu-nyeon-leul Moo-leu-myeon Gan-cheob)

What’s popping:

Yay, a rom-com that isn’t heavy-handed on the melodrama after its initial comedic set-up. Sure, you can still expect melodrama towards the end, but it doesn’t feel manipulative such as the vibe one gets from Now and Forever. A pretty decent watch.

The film stars Kim Jeong-hwa (김정화) and Gong Yoo (공유).

The plot:

North Korean Hyo-jin (Kim Jeong-hwa) is a spy chick who takes up a job at Burger King (they’ve got kimchi burger!? A must-try. 한국에 가고 싶어요!) in order to fulfill her mission.

Things get complicated when an undergraduate (Gong Yoo) falls for her. Will her cover be blown? Will she choose romance over duty? Hey, how come the movie sounds a little like Love: Impossible?

Watch it:

  • Astro KIRANA (Channel 23)
  • Korean with your choice of English or Bahasa Malaysia subtitles
  • July 10 (3am), 17 (9pm), 22 (5pm) & 27 (4pm)
  • August 5 (11am), 10 (9am), 22 (1.30pm) & 27 (7am)



I liked your page.It's impossible to watch these films for me now,but in the future I'll.But I liked the pictures of Bags...
Hope to you'll visit me too...

Liz said...

Hello knitting art!

I see you are from Turkey! Gunaydin! Nasilsin, knitting art?

Tesekkür ederim for your comment :-) I see you like crocheted stuff. No wonder you liked the entry on bags!


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