Friday, 5 October 2007

It's Saint Hobo Oppa now

Oh. My. Goodness.

Hobo oppa, who stood no chance in the looks department opposite Kwon Sang-woo in Stairway to Heaven, funds church building projects in real life?!?!?

Alamak, Hobo oppa's a saint and Liz is gonna get it for making fun of him. 미안해요, 오빠, 미안해요.

Shin Hyun-jun is reportedly funding a church building project in Kazakhstan.

"It’s been a childhood prayer to construct a church, and I am elated to have finally built one in Kazakhstan,” the 39-year-old actor said.

Apart from that, St. Hobo Oppa also has plans to fund the construction of another two churches. One in the Middle East region and another in China!

K-popped! is only familiar with his work in Stairway to Heaven, and had a good laugh at his character's attempts to woo Choi Ji-woo's Jung-suh, especially when his competitor possesses the good looks of Sang-woo sshi.

I apologise for being so shallow, oppa...St. Oppa...Sir...Your Highness...My Liege? Aaaack *doink*

Source: The Korea Times
Pic credit: HanCinema

Mega hunk vs. hobo oppa

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1 Comment:

Orchid said...

After completing the Stairway to Heaven drama, i was going to add in the comment to my Mega hunk vs. hobbo oppa entry that "The Hobbo Oppa redeemed himself in the end."

Anyway, but that's another story...good to hear this about Shin Hyun-jun . :-)


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